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Why Use a Luxury Travel Consultant?

We know planning a trip is filled with exciting possibilities. As a luxury travel consultant, our goal is to make all your vacation dreams become reality along with the knowledge that you have entered a partnership with a qualified agent.  Our expertise in the world of travel beckons you to relax knowing you have chosen a company with many years of experience in travel arrangements. 

We offer excellent customer service while we guide you through every aspect of planning that perfect vacation.


We look forward to managing your next dream vacation. 

As always, there is never a fee when planning your dream vacation through VIP Leisure Travel.

Call us today and together we will explore the world!

VIP Leisure Travel recommends you read these websites related to your travel plans.

U.S. Department of  State:  The world health organization:  U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention: Information on Zika or other insect-transmitted viruses can be found at:

Consult you doctor for any specific health related concerns.

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